Acceptance of yourself is equal to loving yourself. Confidence is about liking yourself. You are not lesser than any model you have seen in a magazine. You are worthy to be seen and exist in photos! The only obstacle is allowing yourself to be a little vulnerable and trust me to take the most beautiful photos you have ever seen of yourself.

beauty portraiture

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I was very nervous leading up to my photoshoot because of my weight. But Darina was able to capture my personality during the photoshoot. My photos show that I am smart, and sweet, and happy, and fun, and sassy, and sexy, and seductive, and beautiful.

Darina was able to
capture my personality.


Darina is one of the most lovely and kind people you will ever meet and she will make you feel truly beautiful. Her artistic eye will highlight your best features. Her deep knowledge of her craft will allow her to arrange you in poses that are interesting but utilize the light in just the right way.

Darina will surprise and delight
you with her work. 5 stars!

Kaaren fierce and beautiful I feel when I look at my photos! It has been life changing.

I don't think there are words to express...


The reality was better than my expectations. I knew it would be a challenge to move into some poses but the results were stunning. I loved the reveal, seeing how good I really looked. I realized I can be photogenic, it's all about angels, light and other things I cannot put my finger on.

I loved feeling spoiled and treated
like a real model.

kind words


You wouldn't be reading this if you weren't at least a little bit interested in this experience. We ask you, what is holding you back? 

We all worry about things like a few extra pounds or not liking our arms. We promise to take care of these things through posing and wardrobe. All the women you see here had those fears.

We walk you through the entire process, making it as fun and easy as possible to have photos you will love and be proud to display. 

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