Being confused is no fun!

You have so many on-line courses, so many presets, you don't know what products to offer, don't have your prices set, you want to learn how to use strobes but it scares you, etc. So many plans and you want to have it all done, but get stuck in trying to get everything done at once.

Well, that doesn't work, does it! 

There are so many aspects, so many parts of being a professional photographer, it can be overwhelming.

Book a discovery call with me!

Let's just figure out where you're stuck and see how I can best serve you.

Listen, starting a business and running it, especially as a creative, is a lot. You have to be GUTSY. That means showing courage, determination, and spirit. In the beginning, I felt lost and overwhelmed, I floundered, I goofed, and I probably will again sometimes. But infusing this life in business and creativity with spiritedness and determination pays off! I've seen it happen in my own business. Sometimes you just need someone (like me I hope) to just unravel all the moving parts an help shine a light on the best ways to move forward. 

I'm Darina and
i am a problem solver.

My superpowers are in the studio, client communication, retouching, sales, calculating pricing structures, etc. I am an Associate Portrait Master and Award Winning Photographer. My years of studying with Sue Bryce Education, The Portrait Masters and LoveEdits has given me everything... I mean everything. I have achieved mastery with my craft and am running a thriving business. I know from experience that there is always more to learn.

We can start with a 30 minute discovery call to see where you are along your journey and I'm sure I can get you unstuck.

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Here's what we will do.

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Ready to solve some problems?

Ask me

1:1 HOURLY MENTORING where you can ask me anything.
$250 for 1 hour

This will be a recorded Zoom mentoring session where you can decide what you'd like to focus on.

Some ideas for things I can help you with:
Same day reveals
Retouching with Pro Retouch Workflow by Sarah Edmunds
Portfolio review
Lightroom + Photoshop
Money blocks
Clarity, goals, direction
Demystifying the unknown

AfterPay available

5 weekly Zoom mentoring sessions to help get you over the humps in your business. Perfect for those wanting to finesse various aspects of your business and have an accountability partner.


with Darina neyret portrait

Practice with in-person guidance can be the most transformative way to develop your craft, your style, your lighting, your ability to know your camera, etc. This day will demystify whatever it is you need clarity on for studio sessions and sales.

6 hours in studio with Darina
Makeup artist and model to photograph
Guidance with lighting and posing
Same day reveal for our model
In-person sales session
Post shoot meeting to go over everything
Three 1 hour follow-up Zoom calls


look out for in person workshops in 2023!



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