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I believe you found me for a reason...

I’ve been on the lookout within myself and in my work as a portrait photographer for what I can do to change the world.

Incrementally, impressed upon me through the years are patterns and rhythms of my work revealing itself. I’ve been tuning in more and more to confidence building in women (men too), to raising peoples’ image of themselves, and acceptance—acceptance is love.

Over the years I have had every client say something negative about herself to me—worrying that her stomach isn’t flat enough or that she hates her profile. One woman told me that her face would break my lens. This consistent evidence that we speak to ourselves in ways we would never speak to another human being— whether we love them or not—is unacceptable to me! But pretty much everyone leaves my studio changed in some way. Propelled into seeing themselves as everything from “I’m OK” to wondrous delight in themselves.

Being a facilitator of these kinds of changes in people has become my mission and my calling.

I want to change the world by creating a pandemic of confident people.

Mind-driven brain changes are real. We can reorganize our brains and grow new neural networks! What was once considered “woo woo” like “think and grow rich” or “I’m going to manifest a better life” or  “the power of love” are scientifically provable now. The brain can change and adapt through experiences!

Mind-driven action, stretching yourself, walking through fear, having trust in someone, positive self talk—seeing evidence that you are whole and beautiful just the way you are—can be life changing. I have seen the evidence, over and over again, right in my studio.

My thing is the science of transformative portraiture! Let's work that neuroplasticity!

Why play it small in life? Isn’t that kind of painful? When we’re meant to grow and flower? Isn’t it squishy in that little acorn shell when actually you’re meant to be a tree!

Who here has felt that pain?

Did you not try on that fabulous outfit last time you were out shopping because you thought you were too old to wear it? Did you not ask for that raise yet? If you are a business owner, when was the last time you raised your prices?

Staying small in fear keeps you away from so many amazing experiences. We can re-write the old, small stories we tell ourselves. Science is now proving that we can! 

You want to exist in dazzling photographs and have imagery to properly represent your legacy for generations. You wants to see your confidence and your gutsiness.

You are a cheerleader for other women, you believe in community over competition, and never tear other women down. You know you are designed for tremendous things and are already finding success.  

You are all about authenticity, celebrating your wins, kicking toxicity out of your lives! You want to celebrate yourself, lean into your journey of self-discovery, growth and confidence. You are GUTSY, PLUCKY and SPIRITED. You don't need fancy jewelry or wardrobe to know you are the queen of your domain (but it doesn't mean you don't play dress-up once in a while!). 

The women I meet want to be photographed by me for their own pleasure. Their own reasons. And of course... she wants to show up fierce and look super awesome. It's not about whether she is single or partnered, how she dresses, the "male gaze" or how "sexy" she is. It's about feeling free, empowered, and most of all... confident and good in her own skin. Confidence is sexy.

I believe that all bodies are worthy of existing in art. I have found my calling with my craft to change the way people see themselves, and feel about themselves, through my work. I have had countless women in tears of joy finding new found acceptance of themselves and self-love through experiencing a photoshoot. Being truly seen... and seeing themselves the way the people who love them see them. All shapes, sizes, colors, belief systems, and sexual orientations. I believe that you are gutsy and that you are incredible exactly as you are right now. Not 20 pounds lighter. Not 20 years younger. Now. I believe graciously and with gratitude that I was put on this earth to create spirited and beautiful photographs for you. 

I believe you found me for a reason. 

The gutsy woman is the exact type of woman who seeks me out and invests in herself through my work.

At Darina Neyret Portrait we know how to bring out your best. Every time. Our work together starts with our expert guided process. Our team is here to serve you with professional makeup and hair styling, and always-attentive portrait posing to help you look and feel your best! You love who you are. Now is the time to show it to the world! I can't wait to showcase the real you with beautiful portraits can be proud of. 

I provide a safe space for you to come to... to help you raise your confidence, self-esteem and body image through a personalized magazine-style photoshoot experience. This is my full time job. I specialize in photographing women because I absolutely adore it. Yea, I've tried weddings and children... it's not my bag. 

Imagine a day with your very own photographer and glam squad doing your hair & makeup, your favorite music playing, fans blowing during your own celebrity-style photoshoot. I will fully guide you through what to wear and how to pose. Why should celebrities be the only ones to have photoshoots? You can do anything you want! You can even share the experience with a friend!

Mind-driven action, stretching yourself, walking through fear, having trust in someone, positive self talk—seeing evidence that you are whole and beautiful just the way you are—can be life changing. I have seen the evidence, over and over again, right in my studio.

photo by christine hyatt

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Fine Art Film Brazen Workshop / Video by Pexels

Our 2019 workshop class

I'm Darina Neyret and my studio is in Vancouver, WA (in the greater Portland, OR metro area). I'm an Oakland, CA native and citizen of the world. I have lived in both hemispheres, 5 countries and 3 states. My extensive travels have made me very experienced with all kinds of people from all kinds of backgrounds and I have documented my life with my camera.

One of my best friends calls me a "culture vulture" since my whole life I have been obsessed with music and movies and pop culture.

My journey from hobbyist to professional started when my soul sister, Sylvia, had me shoot her wedding in Tulum. That was the first time I created a body of work to give to someone... that was FOR someone else. When she told me that everyone who saw the photos cried, I was hooked. I couldn't believe I could move someone with my photographs. And that is what I strive to do every single shoot. 

With an unwavering love for telling plucky, memorable stories, I continue to chase down inspiration every day, camera first. I am now an award-winning artist. I am obsessed with my business and wear a bazillion hats as a solopreneur, which can be lonely, but I have an incredible community of other photographers here in Vancouver and around the world that I can lean on when things get scrappy. Which they do all the time!

I started my business in my living room and photographed many people in my makeshift space shoving the couch out of the way, understanding how light works and how much illusion I could create. Looking at those photos, you would never know! Now I am in a large studio space with alllll the equipment and room I could ever want.

When I'm in session with people, I am truly having the best time of my life. I'm celebrating you, laughing, cranking the music. I do whatever it takes to get those real expressions and real  laughter from my clients. I LOVE my job more than anything else in the world (except my best friend and husband of 17 years). 

As Emma Thompson's character in Late Night says, "I hope I earned the privilege of your time".

Some basic facts about me.

I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in the darkness, the astonishing light of your own being.



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