These days, we do a lot of consultations over Zoom, but if you'd like a tour of the studio first and do the consultation in person, we can do that too! It can really alleviate those nerves to meet in person and get to know one another and the studio space before your photo shoot. What is the consultation? It is the time we spend designing your own shoot and going over how your day will look like for you. 

Come visit the Studio

When was the last time you were professionally photographed? 

I create unforgettable experiences and beauty adventures for today's women. Women these days are badass and bold. Women today are overcoming obstacles, forging paths to boldness, and self acceptance, and self love... and women now want to see their TRUE selves. This invigorates my business so much because it makes me love what I do more and more every day. And I know, I have some of the same issues you do... I need to lose a few pounds, I don't like my arms, I don't look great in photos. ALL the women you see in my gallery have had these things to say, and I am expert and skilled enough to help you forget that stuff and show you beautiful photographs that you will fall in love with. See yourself the way the people who love you see you. 

I BELIEVE that the Darina Neyret Portrait experience is for all people. I believe that the hair and makeup I provide will make you look and feel incredible at whatever level of intensity you desire... from "no makeup makeup" to fantastic, high-fashion drama to pinup style. I believe that you don't need to buy anything fancy to wear for your session and that what you've got going on naturally is perfect. I believe these images are meant to make you feel proud, strong, badass, cool, and beautiful... there is no feeling like seeing stunning portraiture of yourself everyday. 

We STRIVE to create memories with emotion and meaning. We are almost as ENTHUSIASTIC about your memories as you are...


I recommend that you have your shoot date scheduled for about a month before needing your finished product. Also, since I am a solo artist, I tend to book up relatively far in advance. Fridays are my main appointment days and so book up quickly. 

The women on my website are not models and not celebrities. These women, just like you, at one point looked at the photos on my website and thought "There is no way I will look so amazing." But really, you ARE amazing and gorgeous and I don't believe that "photogenic" is a real thing! I know how to pose all types of women so they look their very best. I know my camera equipment better than I know the city I live in and can use it to create beautiful and ultra flattering images of ANY WOMAN. You don't have to know what you are doing... I will direct and guide you every step of the way, from helping to you prepare for your photo shoot with wardrobe tips, to posing you right down to you finger tips. You just need to show up and TRUST ME.

I have a studio in downtown Vancouver, Washington! The studio is clean, comfortable, private and spacious. Natural and studio lights are used in every session for a variety of looks.

The address is 300 E 13th St, #103, Vancouver, WA 98660.

I occasionally announce destination time slots around my travels. Those time slots will be announced to anyone on the email list/newsletter, Facebook and Instagram.

This is probably what I get asked the most...and the answer is simple...whatever you feel beautiful in. My style is the effortless, timeless and glamorous. So, lucky for you, you are likely to already have something in your closet. In a 1.5-2 hour photo session, you will typically have time for up to 4 or 5 looks or outfits (yes, "nude" counts as an outfit)! Don't stress too much about wardrobe. I could spend an entire hour shooting a client with no other wardrobe than white sheets! Once you've completed the booking process with me, you will also receive a detailed preparation guide that will help you with wardrobe and other things to keep in mind!

Digitals and prints are the same price. Each image you purchase comes with its corresponding web-size digital.

My creative fee is $290+tax. My packages start at $1800. Each client has different needs, from my popular folio box to albums to wall-art. The average client spends $2500. What you buy is totally up to you and you don't need to decide until your reveal session where you see your photos. 

Clients are almost always SHOCKED by how many photos they cannot live without. They think they are going to be the one client that just doesn't get good photos. Just know... you will love your photos!