brunette with white feather dress
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Feathers & Portraits | Client Feature Amy | Vancouver Washington Portraits

February 8, 2022
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Amy came to me through some friends we have in common here in the Vancouver Washington/Portland Oregon area. Her portrait session was really quite magical because she makes these incredible feathered garments and costumes, mainly for Burning Man, but why not for a 40 over 40 session!? I love the creativity that people bring to their photography sessions.

She had created these amazing garment… white ones and black ones… and even a lovely, romantic gown that made her look like a princess. Her sense of style knows no bounds and I was fortunate enough to peek at her living room when I delivered her photos to her. Oh my! Her creativity extends to interiors as well.

brunette with white feather dress

Let’s get to know Amy!

How did you celebrate turning 40 or 50? And how did that feel?

I had a rollerskating party with a bunch of my friends at an outdoor roller rink during covid. It was a lot of fun and made me feel like maybe turning 40 was not that bad.

How did you feel during your photo shoot?

I was nervous because I have gained a lot of weight over quarantine and was worried some of my costumes wouldn’t fit, and that I wouldn’t look ok in any of the pictures because I feel like I’m the least photogenic person ever. Turned out to be a great experience and so many lovely photos!

What was your favorite thing about your photo shoot?

Working with Darina and all of the fabulous images that came out of the shoot!

What is your most precious dream?

To create a more beautiful world and help everyone around me discover the artist inside.

Do you think that people who are 50+ are represented in advertising? How do you feel about it?

No, and if they are you can barely tell they are 50 or they are women in very small bodies which doesn’t represent our demographic appropriately.

What has it meant to you to be part of this project?

It has showed me that the world does not end when you reach a certain age, and that there is beauty at all ages.


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