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Body Neutrality

Real Client Experience | Darina Neyret Portrait | Vancouver, WA

March 13, 2023
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This is Mikki. She came in for her own photoshoot recently… this is a real client experience.

These are her words…

“A few weeks ago I ‘did a thing’. I had an entire day of empowerment with Darina Neyret. Yes, it was a photo shoot but it was so much more than that. It was a multifaceted gift I didn’t expect. I knew it was all about ‘self love’ and empowerment. What I didn’t expect was to truly FEEL that way. When I saw the photos I was literally breathless. I did not expect to see myself through the lense that way.

Seeing myself through her eyes – through the unfiltered raw beauty of lighting and unconditional acceptance is an experience I will never forget.

So instead of simply saying ‘Happy Birthday’, let me just say Thank You. For being so incredibly TALENTED. For the Body & Soul project. For your mission. For being YOU. For showing me a version of myself that is simply stunning. For allowing me to experience confidence in a way I have never – could never without this beautiful day.

It was a gift from my sweet husband Martyn Meisner that we will both enjoy for many many years.

Darina, you are amazing.


I am so honored when women FEEL it!

This is my purpose and mission… and ALL women should experience this. Women have been fed decades of damaging information in this body-shaming system we live in. Men too, for that matter. There are no good or bad bodies. Bodies are simply bodies and they come in all shapes, sizes, colors, etc. When the beauty standards were put in place (by men, I am sure), genetics did not come into play. Therefore, no one is more valuable than anyone else. Flat stomachs, straight hair vs curly hair–what does it matter? Isn’t it exhausting?

That being said, let me show you that you are incredible and valuable just how you are. Capture this time and keep your photos forever, to remind you of your worthiness. Your value. Your unique YOU. Then YOU too can have a real client experience.

I read an interesting article in the Post recently… Let’s step into Body Neutrality; the idea that we can accept our bodies as vessels that carry us through life, and not attach positive or negative feelings to our physicality. This shift can take away the pressure of the physical self and focus more on the mental self, the spiritual self — all these other things that make up who you are. Describing body neutrality as “an active rebellion.” “It’s rebellious to be like, ‘No, my body is not the most important thing,’ when most everything we see, hear and read is like, ‘If you don’t look a certain way, then you’re not enough.’ And a lot of body neutrality is dismantling that idea.”

Read the article here:

For those of you watching, BOOK NOW. It’s your time.

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