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Overcoming Body Image Issues: A Photoshoot Ignites Confidence | Darina Neyret Portrait | Vancouver, WA

June 10, 2024
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Do you struggle with negative body image? This story is for you!

Let me tell you, I think every single woman I have ever photographed says she has deep seated body-image issues and doesn’t think she is photogenic and that I will have a hard time photographer her. OMG! What are you talking about! I don’t believe in “photogenic”! It’s not real, it’s just more of the patriarchy, body-shaming crap we live in. Have you ever heard this term used for men? No!

So, when Kim came in to be part of the Over 40 Revolution, she was a bit skeptical, she’s a woman in tech and never thought she was as amazingly gorgeous as she is. Now she knows! And look at what happens when we really see ourselves! We make moves in life, we have confidence… our brains literally change!

Her words are below…

“When a friend approached me about this photoshoot, I was somewhat reluctant. Yes, I knew I needed new photos, but to be honest, I hated my body. I felt heavy and floppy. I’ve never thought of myself as pretty or photogenic and told myself it’s a good thing I’m intelligent and a good person to make up for it. So, this was WAY out of my comfort zone. I’m a nerd, I’m awkward, etc.”

A Turning Point: Embracing My Body

“Despite my reservations, I did it, and if you had told me that a photoshoot would kick off a series of actions and emotions, I would have said you were crazy. But that is precisely what happened. The experience was transformative. As the shoot progressed, I felt more at home in my own body. I became proud of her. Proud of her accomplishments and who she is – professionally and personally.”

Seeing Myself in a New Light

“Then, after the shoot, viewing the photos, I loved how I looked! My smile is infectious! Whenever I have a smidge of doubt, I look at a photo and remember I’m HER! I can do this! It’s crazy how I view myself physically, which impacts what I think I can do professionally, but it does. And I am finally proud of how I look.”

The Ripple Effect of Confidence: The Power of Self-Love

“The biggest takeaway is that now I logically THINK and emotionally FEEL like I’m enough. This has led to a series of business decisions I couldn’t be happier with. It has also led to a better attitude toward myself day in and day out, which shows up in my marriage and goes beyond “skin deep.” Thank you for this opportunity and life-changing experience.”

Are you ready to embark on your own journey of self-discovery? Consider challenging yourself to step outside your comfort zone. You might be surprised by the positive transformation that awaits!

Find out more about the Over 40 Revolution and book now to be part of the fourth round!

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