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The Top 3 Things Holding You Back from Doing Your own Brand Shoot & How to Get off the Pot | Vancouver, WA Photographer

May 5, 2022
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Are you procrastinating on planning your own personal brand photo session and headshots?

You are not alone! Here I will walk you through how to shift that energy, get clear on what’s holding you back and get jazzed about your own magazine-style shoot.


1. I don’t like the way I look.

This is the main reason I hear about what is holding people back. Leave that to us! I swear to you, I feel that everyone is beautiful and worthy. With my knowledge of lighting and angles, with the natural yet beautiful makeup artistry provided, you will see yourself in a new way. Therefore, you will get back to work with your branding headshots with confidence. I have studied body language, body shapes and enough faces to know how to direct and position you into the most flattering ways for YOU. Everyone is a little different. And furthermore, if you have hated photos of yourself in the past, I promise that is about to change. I take the quality of my photography very seriously.

2. I don’t know how I would use these images.

There is such a wide array of ways we promote ourselves and our businesses, and don’t forget, this is where we make a first impression so much of the time! Social media, blogs, website landing pages, about (me) pages, process pages, email campaigns, printed marketing materials, press releases, etc, etc, etc.

3. I’m not ready.

When is anyone 100% ready? Let’s get you off the pot! I challenge you to do this now. Done is better than perfect, right!? In addition to that, if you don’t like any of your photos, you don’t have to buy them.

Captivating images are what set you apart and attract your ideal clients, and additionally they give your audience a chance to see you, your personality, your vibe, your style because everything I do is customized to what YOUR story is and what YOU are trying to convey.

As a result, your professional images convey to people that you are serious about your business, that you are a professional who hires other professionals to present your best self to the world. Equally important, it says “I am successful, I have hired a professional photographer to help convey to you who I am”.

An added service with Darina Neyret Portrait is a wardrobe consultation with local style expert, Julie Udell. Having expert advice with your wardrobe is a comforting and morale boosting exercise! I will connect you with and your can get to know her here:

Contact me through my website and find out more:


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