Newlywed couple in Venice in front of Caffè Florian
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A Newlywed Photoshoot in Venice

January 2, 2023
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When I announced that I was going to be in Venice last June, My friend, newlywed Lisa, jumped at the chance to have a photoshoot with me and her new-ish husband. They married during lockdown with almost no one present, and no real photos to show for it! They wanted to treat themselves to a special day in the city of canals and romance, so I was happy to take them around for a romantic photoshoot session.

Newlyweds at the Caffè Florian in Venice 2022

Our itinerary took us through the maze of Venice’s canals and alleys, where we saw some of the most beautiful architecture in Europe. We stopped at the famous Caffè Florian (above) and snuck in a few photos between people being seated. It’s a busy spot, but I was able to quickly capture some of the sweetest photos of them there!

So let me tell you about Lisa Mills. She is one of the most incredible musicians knowns as the Queen of the Gulf Coast Blues. Originally from Mississippi, she was then based in Mobile, Alabama, then met her husband Hermann in Germany. Now she lives over there. Therefore, Venice was only a six hour drive for them!

You can find out about her incredible music on her website here. My favorite albums are I’m Changing and Tempered in Fire.

Once we were all back home, we had a remote viewing of their photos. We oooh’d and aaah’d over the photos and decided what to print. I usually like to see printed items before delivery, but I took a chance with the lab I am partnered with and had their package drop shipped to them. And voilà! Below are the photos she took of their beautiful folio box of printed and matted photos. I love these folio boxes with the window that you can set up on a dresser or a shelf and display. You can change out the photo in front and have a living and versatile “frame”. Therefore, you can display a different photo whenever you want. It’s my most popular product!

So the Newlywed Photoshoot in Venice was a rounding success! I hope to do it again someday.

I plan to do more traveling and book more photoshoots in exotic locations throughout the year. So keep tabs on me and my whereabouts!

Find out more about me and my philosophy as a photographer here:

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