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From Feeling Worthless to Radiant: A Body Image Journey and Empowering Photoshoot

April 30, 2024
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Discover how yet another client overcame negative self-talk and embraced her body image through an empowering photoshoot.

Here is what she had to say…

“As women, we think that any significant or insignificant change to our bodies determines what we deserve, what we can aim for, how we approach indulgence and extravagance, like an empowering photoshoot, and every single smallest thing. During the pandemic, I gained 30 pounds and was convinced that my public image was over. I used to love photoshoots. I used to feel confident and courageous… in business and private life. With those extra pounds, something died in me. Was it because of years of a corporate career in a mainly male environment where, on top of being a leader, you better look good, too? Or maybe my Eastern European upbringing, where ridiculing women because of their excessive weight is an everyday practice

I felt terrible and worthless in a way, and all because of those stupid extra pounds – like I lost my brain for a minute or something. When I met Darina, the feeling of sisterhood was immediate. I have no idea how she does it, but her magic instantly possesses you in the best possible way. After several months of observing her work, I decided to book my photoshoot with a feeling… ‘What’s the worst that can happen? She is not going to kill me… I’m not going to kill me…! ;)’

Darina’s pre-shoot emails started coming in. So much acceptance, supportive mindset work, exercises, and prep materials. I felt taken care of from every possible angle and more and more confident – I can do it. I’m safe here. I did not lose any significant weight before the due date. Little by little, I started to see that I’m beautiful just as I am. She sparked that positivity in me, and the shoot only confirmed how I was already feeling. It’s not about makeup, hairstyles, or dresses… (beautiful, by the way, but it’s not about that aspect at all). I just decided that I was good enough.

Thank you, Darina. Today, I look at my gorgeous pictures and feel pride and confidence. I went from feeling worthless to radiant! The shoot itself was so chill and effortless. Darina guided me but also let me be myself. Great combination. This experience enriched me inside and out and did not stop there. I make sure to spark the energy of self-acceptance every time I hear, ‘I’m too fat to … (whatever the hell we tell ourselves)…’ This is true power.”

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