black and white photo of a woman with no hair after chemo
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Turning Lemons into Photoshoots: How a Client Faced Cancer with a Camera

May 2, 2024
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Here are Missy’s own words about her experience with me and how she turned lemons into a photoshoot for her 40th birthday:

“I’ve known Darina for ages in our little photography community, and let me tell you, her confidence could power a small country. She’s got this magical way of bossing around her subjects to get those jaw-dropping shots. I call her the Vogue photographer of Vancouver for a reason!

So, picture this: it’s 2022, I’m hitting the big 4-0, and I’m eagerly awaiting Darina’s announcement for her latest sign-ups in 2023. Plot twist: September 2022 hits me with a curveball – ovarian cancer decides to crash my party. Cue six rounds of chemo, a bald head, some extra pounds I didn’t ask for, and feeling more out of sorts than ever.

Artistic, black and white photo of a woman with no hair after chemo

But hey, why not turn this whole mess into a story with a killer plot twist? What better way to stick it to cancer than by celebrating my 40th with a bang! And a photoshoot with the queen of the camera herself?

Fast forward to the big day. I’m armed with my secret weapon – my teenage daughter, who’s ready to be my hype squad if my energy levels decide to play hooky. And let me tell you, the whole experience was amazing.

When those prints landed in my hands, guess who swiped them faster than a seagull snatching a sandwich? Yup, my daughter. And now, my face is plastered all over her room, reminding me that photos aren’t just for us. They’re a way for our loved ones to celebrate all the ups and downs of life.

So here’s to kicking cancer’s butt, and to teenage daughters who steal our spotlight (and our photos) with love. Cheers to capturing life’s moments and a 40th birthday photoshoot.”

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