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Mothers and Daughters

October 25, 2022
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Mothers, in 30 years your daughters will look for photos of you. What will they find?

I have had quite a few inquiries lately from mothers wanting photographs with their daughters, or daughters wanting photos with their moms. Or sisters wanting to do this with their sister or brother.

It doesn’t matter the gender! Fathers and sons, daughters and dads… or even your best friend(s)! it is always a good thing to be photographed with the ones you love. Therefore, I’m here to tell you that it’s time to make some serious memories.

You know what I mean—beautiful, quality photographs that are going to last, and not just a bunch of selfies on your phone. Additionally, we’re talking about real family portraits, the kind that make your mom feel like a million bucks, and that make your daughter feel like a queen.

To the moms reading this. Everyone who loves you needs to see YOU in portraits. Challenge yourself. Get in the picture. You are always behind the camera. Or hiding from it because you don’t feel you’re perfect. Maybe you’re never in the family photos because at family gatherings you’re too busy taking care of everyone to stop and be in the photos. I understand. I do the same thing sometimes. But from now on, I as well am challenging myself to get in the picture more often. One day, I’ll be glad I did–-and so will my step-daughter and grand step-son. I hope you’ll challenge yourself to get in the picture, too.

Because I know it can be hard to get people together, I’m here to help! so, basically I’ll take care of the logistics—all you have to do is show up looking beautiful (and don’t forget to bring some of your own, authentic attitude!).

I promise you’ll look back on these images fondly for years to come. You’ll always remember how the day felt, sharing all the pampering and fun for years to come.

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